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Burmese Fresh Water Shrimp Fritters (Pa-Zun-Gwet-Kyaw)

Burmese Language Lesson Pa Zun –> Shrimp Gwet (or Khwet as written) –> Cup Shaped Kyaw –> Fritters or Fries Today I am recreating a famous Burmese street food called Pazun Gwet Kyaw, which is a fritter made of succulent freshwater shrimps, onions and beansprouts. It is the best of both worlds when the shrimp… Continue reading Burmese Fresh Water Shrimp Fritters (Pa-Zun-Gwet-Kyaw)

Side Dish

Stir-fried Straw Mushroom and Water Spinach (Kaut-Yoe-Mho-Kazun-Ywet-Kyaw)

Burmese Language Lesson Kaut-Yoe -> Paddy Straw Mho -> Mushroom Kazun Ywet -> Water Spinach Kyaw -> Frying or Stir-frying (v.), fried or stir-fried food (n.) Today, you will be introduced to an ideal vegetable side dish of Burmese people, which features not one, but two vegetables in a leading role, straw mushroom and water… Continue reading Stir-fried Straw Mushroom and Water Spinach (Kaut-Yoe-Mho-Kazun-Ywet-Kyaw)

Side Dish

Burmese Potato Chips (Arloo-Bamar-Kyaw)

Burmese Language Lesson Arloo -> Potato (Arloo is an adopted Indian word for potato) Bamar -> Burmese style Kyaw ->  Chips or fries What is Arloo Bamar Kyaw? Looking for something to satisfy your salty cravings? And potato chips seem to be the best option? You have to try these homemade Burmese Potato Chips. This… Continue reading Burmese Potato Chips (Arloo-Bamar-Kyaw)