Eggs, Chickpea and Vegetable Stew

I celebrated Save-the-Vegetables Day today. This day actually repeats at least two times a month in my home. It is the pain only someone who is also obsessed with grocery shopping and easily tempted by the sights of fresh greens can empathize. Sometimes, I blame refrigerators and how much it has contributed towards us overbuying... Continue Reading →

Burmese Beef Stew

Certain recipes are worth keeping old school and unchanged for generations. Like this humble and timeless Burmese beef stew recipe that hugs and comforts you just by the thought of knowing that you made it the very same way our mothers were taught by their mothers. The cooking usually takes 2-3 hours, depending on the... Continue Reading →

Tangy Egg Curry

Happy New Year everyone! Wish you all are having an eggcellent start of 2019. If you are also trying to recover from those lavish feasts during your holiday splurge, this light and tangy egg curry has all the right answers! It comforts you, warms you from within, makes you worry less about overindulging and feeds... Continue Reading →

Braised Eggplant with Dried Shrimps

Like many, I despised eggplants as a kid but approach them with much love as a grownup. My tastebuds now go crazy for its buttery and luscious texture which I once thought was just mushy and tongue-itching. I am thankful that I changed. Not all eggplants are grilled or fried. These are braised till fork-tender... Continue Reading →

Chicken and Potato Curry

Who else gets more excited about the potatoes than chicken itself when you make a chicken curry? Though their purpose is to bulk up the portion and temper the spices, I always opt for creamy potatoes that truly bring out the cozy warmth of the curry. They perfectly soak up the layers of flavors from... Continue Reading →

Bachelor’s Chicken Curry

The origin of “Bachelor's Chicken Curry” Every time my grandma made this dish, I would nag her to repeatedly tell me the story behind it. I believe the same story is told in all households in Burma. This chicken curry is known to be originated from the recipes created by group of bachelors residing in... Continue Reading →

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