Burmese Lentil Soup

This week could be the final freezing cold front before the spring swings in. So, I am doing some major slurping on a good old-fashioned Burmese lentil soup, a chunky protein-packed soup with a pleasant chew from the bean threads. This particular soup is always served on the side and rarely gets the limelight that... Continue Reading →

Burmese Thick Rice Noodle Salad

I am going to take you to the central dry region of Burma, which is the home to premium quality nuts, peas and beans, with this thick rice noodle salad called Nan Gyi Thoke. It features some top-notch produces like toasted chickpea powder and peanut oil, drawing the best flavors out of each other as... Continue Reading →

Shrimp and Coconut Curry Pasta

If you are open enough to accept that pasta can still be delicious without EVOO, butter, cheese or tomatoes, you will love this recipe. East meets West in a silky, smooth way through this shrimp and coconut curry pasta which is made keeping in mind all those delightful flavors of Burmese coconut noodle soup, ohn-no-kao-swe.... Continue Reading →

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