Golden Potato and Pork Rings

This Christmas, I have collaborated with twelve fellow homechefs and food bloggers from around the world in a cook-together challenge, inspired by the presents from the carol “12 days of Christmas”. Each of us creates ideas in the realm of food recipes for 12 days as we count down to Christmas. Corresponding to "my true... Continue Reading →

Burmese Shrimp and Avocado Salad

On the side of the world I grew up in, avocado is a fruit strictly for smoothies and ice cream, smothered in evaporated milk or condensed milk. Then a guacamole came into my life, enlightening me that avocados can be much more than a sweet-creamy fare. While I still love them in my desserts, I... Continue Reading →

Burmese Fried Pork Balls

In a country where fish cakes and shrimp balls are considered classic staples, meatballs usually do not make many appearances in Burmese food scene. When they do, they are cooked again in onion-tomato based gravy for a curry with potatoes. To allow the seasonings of the gravy to seep inside the meatballs, we skimp on... Continue Reading →

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