Burmese Salad

Pickled Bean Sprout Salad (Pel-Pin-Chin-Thote)

Burmese Language Lesson Pel Pin (paut) –> Bean Sprout Chin –> Sour Thote –> Salad Pel Pin Chin –> Pickled Bean Sprout Burmese Salads Beautifully and intricately constructed salads are a hallmark of Burmese cuisine. Burmese people’s love for their salads is evident in their everyday lives and every corner of the street. Burmese salads usually require… Continue reading Pickled Bean Sprout Salad (Pel-Pin-Chin-Thote)

Side Dish

Burmese Potato Chips (Arloo-Bamar-Kyaw)

Burmese Language Lesson Arloo -> Potato (Arloo is an adopted Indian word for potato) Bamar -> Burmese style Kyaw ->  Chips or fries What is Arloo Bamar Kyaw? Looking for something to satisfy your salty cravings? And potato chips seem to be the best option? You have to try these homemade Burmese Potato Chips. This… Continue reading Burmese Potato Chips (Arloo-Bamar-Kyaw)

Main Curry

Bachelor’s Chicken Curry (KyetThar-KarLaThar-Hinn)

What is “ KyetThar-Karlathar-Hinn”? First, Burmese language lesson Kyet –> Chicken Thar –> Meat in general Three-syllabus word KarLaThar –> Bachelor Hinn –> a cooked meal or curry. The origin of “Bachelor’s Chicken Curry” Every time my grandma made this dish, I would nag her to repeatedly tell me the story behind it. I believe… Continue reading Bachelor’s Chicken Curry (KyetThar-KarLaThar-Hinn)